An automated production management system with a centralized interface for administration of connected modules, services, and end-user equipment. Client workstations are installed on computers with the Microsoft Windows 7/10 operating system, the data management platform runs on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server Standard servers.

A simple, cost-effective and reliable solution for the TV company that covers the entire workflow. Suitable for both small and big business.


The software module of the automated system used for preparation and on-air rundown of the broadcast news programs. This module allows you to plan, create, broadcast, and archive the created programs. The software module supports an unlimited number of studios and news rooms for both the television and radio broadcasting.


Software module for indexing, cataloging, and managing the placement of an unlimited number of digital materials on the operational and long-term storage.


Software control module for manual and automated storage systems with a quick and thorough search options within the data catalogs. Provides long term data archiving and data retrieval per user request.


Software module for managing company resources. Allows the user to create and coordinate shooting sets based on technical and human resources available abiding to the calendar and schedules.