MIRAMEDIA was created in 2006 as a division of software development for “LLC SINKHRO”. The main focus of our company is development, creation, and integration of an Automation Systems for TV and Radio Production, and Broadcast.

A thorough research was carried out among regional television and radio companies of various sizes to be used in the development of the applications. The development process was based on retaining each company’s preferred video hardware and their own choice of the radio equipment. During the creation process, our products were repeatedly tested by the TV and Radio companies’ employees. All comments and requests of the field professionals were considered and implemented to deliver the most simplified, convenient, and intelligent interface.

Today we are able to work with the broadcasting equipment from both domestic and international manufacturers, supporting the main widespread protocols used within the television and radio broadcasting industry, such as the MOS Protocol, API, TAPi, etc.

Our partners

Autocue has been the leading provider of teleprompters to the broadcast industry since their introduction in the 1950s. Tens of thousands of users worldwide, ranging from schools and videographers to high-end broadcasters such as the BBC, NBC, MBC, Doordarshan, TF1 and CNN, rely on Autocue for their teleprompting needs. Autocue solutions are fully compatible with the miraNEWS system, including support for the MOS data transfer protocol.

Autoscript is the leading German producer of teleprompters with MOS protocol support. Their teleprompters are used around the world in live studios and news departments, as well for conferences and presentations. So whether you are looking to install the very best in prompting systems, Autoscript is the name you can rely on.

PlayBox NEO is an international communication, informational and technological company specializing in the development of software for the TV broadcasting. Fully scalable, modular and open, PlayBox Neo produces customer-oriented solutions that are easy to commission, logical to operate and highly robust. Company products and solutions today power over 18,000 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries.

"SoftLab-NSK" is engaged in developing hardware/software for multimedia and TV broadcasting, VR systems, imaging systems for training simulators and computer games. The company was established in 1988 by a group of scientists from the Institute of Automatics and Electrometry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since then, the company has grown and now unites experts of the highest level, with many years experience in various fields of computer technologies, and TV broadcasting.

Sony offers to ensure the integrity of your data with the use of the Optical Disc Archive. This fast, reliable and safe solution, which offers high capacity, ensures the prolonged storage of media materials (up to 100 years), as well as their backup. Optical Disc Archive works faster than its tape counterparts and is more reliable than hard drives.

Canadian based SkyLark Technologies, Inc. has been in business for 10 years with a mature suite of products that are now running in over 600 installation sites worldwide. One of the best aspects of SkyLark’s end-to-end solutions is the fact that they are broadcast quality solutions at an affordable price range. SkyLark server range for broadcasting complexes ensures around-the-clock broadcasting and graphic get-up of channels in Ultra HD/HD/SD formats with the option of ASI/IP stream formation.

Visual Research Inc. is a maker of TV channel character generator systems. Their modules for the formation of sports, news or financial programs have an SDK and can be tailored to the customer’s specialized needs.