Development, creation and integration of automation systems for TV broadcasting, Radio and Web

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MIRAMEDIA was created in 2006 as a division of software development for “LLC SINHRO”. The main focus of our company is development, creation, and integration of an Automation Systems for TV and Radio Production, and Broadcast.

A thorough research was carried out among regional television and radio companies of various sizes to be used in the development of the applications. The development process was based on retaining each company’s preferred video hardware and their own choice of the radio equipment. During the creation process, our products were repeatedly tested by the TV and Radio companies’ employees. All comments and requests of the field professionals were considered and implemented to deliver the most simplified, convenient, and intelligent interface.

Today we are able to work with the broadcasting equipment from both domestic and international manufacturers, supporting the main widespread protocols used within the television and radio broadcasting industry, such as the MOS Protocol, API, TAPi, etc.

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